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Resource Library

Environmental Justice Movement History 

Resources detail the history of the environmental justice movement by examining case studies, concepts, and history.

Law and Environmental Justice 

Resources discuss the laws relationship to organizing and organizers and provide models for lawyers working with marginalized groups

Race and the Environment 

Resources share statistics and stories of communities that disproportionately experience environmental harms.

Race and Big Greens 

Resources call attention to racist hiring processes, detail opinions of BIPOC community leaders, analyze conference findings, call attention to the importance of workforce diversity, and offer op-ed discussions of equity within Big Greens and with BIPOC communities.


Resources detail professional development, messaging, guided movement, unionizing, uprooting racism, and various other healing disciplines.

Problem Solving 

Resources provide examples of what is working, detail think tanks interdisciplinary research, and provide reports on community partnerships.

Community Led Initiatives

Resources examine case studies, discuss cooperation, explain truth telling, and analyze capacity in community based approaches.

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