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Greens REALIGN is a member-based collective of current, former, and future staff of environmental organizations organizing for a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just environmental movement. We seek to fundamentally alter the mainstream environmental movement to make it work on behalf of everyone.

how we work

changing the environmental movement inside and out

We want to see big changes in how the mainstream environmental movement operates internally and externally. Internally, we want organizations to embrace and celebrate diversity and create a culture where everyone can thrive. Externally, we want organizations to take the lead from impacted communities and share power, resources, and access.

Here is how we are mobilizing staff to achieve these outcomes:


Peer-to-Peer Learning

We are creating opportunities for members to share their skills, knowledge, and lessons learned regarding DEI and environmental justice with other members. By forging critical connections with each other, we create a trusting environment for folks to ask questions, share answers, mentor, and be mentored.

Tree Trunk

Creating Shareable Resources

We are taking what we are learning about how to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures and how to work in just ways with impacted communities and creating resources to share these best practices more widely among all in the environmental movement.


Empowering Staff to Take Action

As actors within the mainstream environmental movement, we know we have a responsibility to press for change within our spheres of influence. We are building the leadership capacities of those who are ready to forge ahead so they can be clear voices for justice and pave the way for the movement.

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