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You are not alone in your vision for an environmental movement that celebrates diversity, that centers the voices of those most impacted, and that works at the intersection of environmental and social justice.


The environmental movement is in a moment of reckoning. Our organizations are beginning to have conversations about justice, are implementing DEI trainings, and are considering how they might share power and resources with grassroots, environmental justice efforts. 


But maybe you are itching for more–more guidance on how to be an ally to BIPOC staff at your organization, more training in how to build relationships with impacted communities, more support in navigating toxic workplaces, more mentorship on how to find your voice on these issues, more space for big-picture conversations about how to create the intersectional movement you are dreaming about, and more community to hold you accountable to your own personal transformation and role in achieving this vision.

Greens REALIGN is building a community of individuals in the environmental movement who seek to make their organizations and institutions more just, inclusive, equitable, and responsive to the concerns of frontline communities. We are led by our values of racial, economic, environmental, social, and climate justice. 


Become a member of Greens REALIGN today. 

Membership is free and offers opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals across the nation and access to support and resources to increase your impact in the movement. 

Benefits include:

  • Monthly member meetings to connect, share, and learn from each other’s experiences

  • Leadership development and organizing opportunities and training

  • Networking with staff across environmental organizations and access to our listserv 

  • Access to resources to make your workplace more inclusive and your work more effective 

  • Solidarity and community so you know you are not alone in your fight or your vision

  • Build real collective power to enact change


Anyone who is a current or former staff member at an environmental or outdoors organization (or organization doing environmental advocacy or outdoors work) in any capacity is eligible to join! Membership is also open to students or anyone not in the environmental field as of yet but hoping to pursue an environmental/outdoors career.


Once you fill out the form linked below, someone will reach out to see if you have any questions and to send you our membership agreement and onboarding form. We will then schedule a one on one with one of our members to learn more about your interests and to share information about how to engage fully with the group.


Support Our Work

Spread the Word

Do you know someone who works at an environmental organization and might be interested in becoming a member of Greens REALIGN or utilizing our resources? Send them a link to our website and/or connect them with us via email.


Do you have any skills you can contribute to further our work? E.g. communications, graphic design, social media, accounting, fundraising, facilitation. Please get in touch!

Raise Awareness & Fundraise

Host a fundraiser for Greens REALIGN! We can share a toolkit to host an environmental-themed trivia night with your network to raise awareness of the equity issues in the environmental movement and raise funds for our operations.

Make a Donation

Help fund our operations and join Greens REALIGN's efforts.

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