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Apply to be on our board!

Greens REALIGN, the only member-based collective of current, former, and future staff of environmental organizations organizing for a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just environmental movement, seeks volunteers to form its first board of directors. 


Board members will be actively involved in organizational governance and steering the organization through formally incorporating as a non-profit entity and formalizing its operations. 


Board members’ responsibilities will include:

  • Providing big picture strategic direction to enable Greens REALIGN to achieve its mission;

  • Adopting sound ethical, legal governance, and financial management policies;

  • Providing oversight and direction to ensure the sustainability of the organization;

  • Raising funds for Greens REALIGN operations through meaningful personal contributions, securing gifts from donors, and organizing and supporting fundraising campaigns and events. 


The board needs a variety of skills with a strong emphasis on board candidates with non-profit startup, accounting, financial planning, consulting, and fundraising expertise, as well as those connected to the environmental and outdoor non-profit community, environmental justice organizations, and foundations. We seek board members with knowledge, expertise, and passion for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in the environmental movement. Board members should have availability and capacity to play a significant role in Greens REALIGN’s governance, including meeting at least monthly.


The nominating committee is accepting applications on a rolling basis. Those interested in board service can apply at: Please email with any questions!


About Greens REALIGN


Mission Statement:

To build a collective of individuals at or associated with large, well-funded, white-founded environmental organizations and and other institutions with relative and positional power in the environmental movement (“Big Greens”) dedicated to redistributing environmental authority, leadership, and influence to grassroots networks (REALIGN). Members of the collective are dedicated to advancing racial, economic, environmental, social, and climate justice; pressing for Big Greens to appropriately join the fight for environmental justice, climate justice, and restorative justice for communities that demand it and that seek our services; and to dismantling white supremacy culture at Big Greens. It is a collective goal to develop practices to prioritize the voices, stories, and leadership of people that have historically been excluded from decision-making and/or harmed by past/current environmental injustices. We want to see Big Greens work to urgently alleviate disproportionate environmental burdens, and hold those responsible accountable in clear terms. We aim to identify and push for pathways for change at Big Greens that center the collective goals. 


Diversity Statement:

Greens REALIGN is working to diversify the environmental movement because we believe strongly that we need everyone at the table to solve pressing environmental challenges and achieve equitable environmental outcomes. We are committed to diversity and to honoring the unique identities and lived experiences of our members and board members and work intentionally to create an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming culture. 


We envision a world where combating environmental racism and other forms of discrimination is one of the central aims of Big Greens and where the communities most impacted by environmental racism are wielding the power to drive policy and change. We envision a world where all actors in the environmental movement embrace environmental and climate justice and center the values of racial, economic, environmental, and social justice; equity; bottom-up leadership; anti-colonialism and decolonization; restorative justice; emergent strategy; and land back.


Our Goals: 

We will come together in solidarity as a community fighting environmental injustice everywhere and utilize collective leadership to create tools to:

  • combat the toxic, racist, and white supremacist culture at Big Greens (BGs);  

  • increase BGs’ competency on environmental racism, and justice, equity, and community-driven approaches;

  • ensure meaningful investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, including advocating for robust staffing of DEI offices, equitable pay across the organization, retention and promotion for staff of color, and greater diversity and cultural competency in management and senior roles;

  • increase awareness of and participation in environmental justice across the environmental organizational landscape through communications efforts; 

  • identify and make interactions between BGs and environmental justice organizations and communities more equitable and just, and facilitate natural and organic partnerships between BGs and those organizations and communities; 

  • empower and support staff at BGs who do not hold positional power to advance DEI internally and externally, alleviate the burden on individuals doing this work in addition to their paid work, and help staff to advance their own professional development and growth;

  • identify pathways for BGs to give up their disproportionate power in order to share power with impacted communities including Community Centered Fundraising; and

  • elevate impacted communities in decision-making and help communities build power, infrastructure, and resilience.

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